Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raw day 6 & 7 - hemp seeds, nut mylk

Even before going raw, I loved salads. We always try to vary our veggies, fruits and nuts that we have on hand. It makes us try different recipes using the ingredients we have. And I'll admit that we're keeping even MORE varied foods on hand now that I'm raw (and Tyler is eating mostly raw at home.)

New to me!.. hemp seeds:

One bag of hemp seeds goes a long way. Just a spoonful here or there and you're packing in 33 percent pure digestible protein, lots of iron, vitamin E and omega-3 and GLA!


It's great on your chocolate puddings (along with a sprinkle of dried cherries or goji berries) and of course, on salads:


This picture was lunch yesterday - a raw chickpea patty, salad with raw croutons and hemp seeds! I made a tomato dressing in my tiny blender by blending: 1 tomato, pinch salt, 1/2 clove garlic, rosemary and oregano. It was okay.

IMPORTANT: because the human body produces no Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), it is important that EFAs be consumed on a regular basis. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of Americans take in too little of one of the most important EFAs--omega-3--which is found in flax, walnuts, and hemp seeds.

Nut mylk:

I'm making Ani Phyo's vanilla milk, since it's simple and versatile. (NOTE: If you want to use mylk in your recipes to make them thicker but you don't want anything sweet, just omit the dates and vanilla. It's that easy.) Also, since I have a regular blender and not a VitaMix, I had to shrink the recipe by about 20%.


a bit less than 1/2 c almonds
a bit less than 1/2 c dates
3/4 vanilla bean
pinch sea salt
4 cups water

Put all ingredients in the blender. (The directions didn't say to soak before blending but I'm letting this mixture soak for 1/2 hour before I actually blend it together. I think this will make it easier for my blender to make a smooth mylk.)


Blend! I poured my mylk through a strainer into the jar, so the mylk would be smooth. It's beautiful!


Store in the fridge in a closed container for 4 days. Then just do it again! Making nut mylks is super simple. When you know you're running out, just make some more.

*As an experiment, I'll be keeping a cinnamon stick in the jar with the mylk.

**This winter we will make a nog by reducing the water content and adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the milk!


I didn't want to waste the chunky bits of the mylk so I put it back into the blender, added fruit, some ice and water.. and had a fresh smoothie with lunch!

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