Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping Busy

I think I've been thinking about un-cooking and exercising way too much lately. Granted, I had to learn a lot in the beginning.. I've picked out a few recipes that I just love and I'm still experimenting with new ones..

But I have to say that this is a total buzz kill.

If you think about food, think about exercise, think about your body all the time .. don't be surprised if you get tired of it all. Instead, try doing something worthwhile, something good - not just for others but for you as well!


I'm talking about becoming a foster home. We've been one for years and have loved every second. Actually, we're new to Arkansas so our fosters for the past year have been random abused, neglected and lost animals that we've found - or have found us. But now we're helping out a local group and of course, on the first day decided to take home 3 sickly black kittens: Ted, Marshall and Barney. (Anyone watch 'How I Met Your Mother'?)


They're on antibiotics for a fever. They were absolutely flea-infested when we brought them home so they immediately went into the bath tub where my husband and I spent over an hour and a half picking off hundreds of fleas. Poor little guys!


Marshall had it the worst .. he's got scabs all over his neck. I think Marshall and Ted were anemic from all the blood loss. Sad, isn't it?

Barney's hair is shorter.. maybe that's why he didn't have as many fleas. But for some reason he's probably a half pound smaller than the other two. (That may not sound like much.. but when you're only a pound and a half, it's a lot!) :)


Whether you're fostering children or animals, or helping the elderly.. it's important to spend your time helping others. Don't waste days, weeks, years dwelling on your weight. Get active. Be helpful. . . and everyone benefits.


  1. I guess I don't have to ask how the meeting went. Ha ha, no surprise. Have fun and good luck with your new arrivals -they're adorable!

  2. Damn worms and fleas! arrrrrrgh. No wonder these guys have been so sick. Their little bodies are full of pests.


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