Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Hot Super Fried Super Wings


These really are easy! But don't expect them to be healthy. They sure are tasty though.


Seitan (frozen or in a can or however you prefer it)
Hot sauce
Flour (+ optional spices) for breading
Dip: goddess dressing is best; sour cream if you prefer

First, you'll want to drain your seitan and make sure it's thawed if frozen.

Now, have two bowls side by side: water in one, flour and spices for breading in the other. Now, take each piece of seitan into water bowl, then flour bowl, then back to water, then to flour, do it a third time if you want a super thick breading!

Bread several pieces. Have your oil hot, hot, hot.

You're going to deep fry these things. So, only fry a few at a time. Each time you add a piece to the oil, the temperature lowers. So, you want it to be as hot as possible each time.

Put each piece on a napkin after frying. Excess oil will drain off.

Once you've fried all the pieces you want.. now is for the even messier part! Melt your margarine and add hot sauce to make a sticky, gooey mess. You're going to smother each piece in the margarine/hot mixture.


This is where the sliced celery and dip (Better Than Sour Cream or Goddess Dressing) save the day.


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