Monday, April 25, 2011

Homemade fruity granola


A few notes on making your own granola:

*Use whatever fruit you have on hand
*As you dice, keep fruit juice in bowl. You'll add all fruits and nuts to the juice to soak before dehydrating


Dice 1 pineapple
Dice 6-10 champagne mangos
1 bag frozen cherries
Raw almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
Oat bits (see below)
Optional: Hemp, chia and flax seeds, buckwheaties


Let pineapple and thawed cherries soak in the pineapple juice a few hours or overnight. *If someone has a reaction to nuts, like almonds.. try soaking them in water overnight, then rinsing. Add to recipe as usual (while wet is fine). This should reduce or eliminate most mild reactions to nuts. It worked for my husband! He always got an itchy/fuzzy tongue after eating nuts.. so I soak and dehydrate all of our raw nuts before eating or using in a recipe.

Now, put pineapple and cherries on dehydrator tray. Your pineapple bits will be a beautiful red-tipped color by now, too. It's gorgeous!


Now, add all nuts and seeds to remaining juice in the bowl. Let them soak for at least a few hours. Once they're saturated, put on dehydrator sheet and douse with sea salt.


Slice and get all mango pulp out of mangoes. Yes, it's a grueling process - but soooo worth it. Mangoes are one of the best fruits in the world. I just spread out the juicy pulp on dehydrator sheets. Some thinner spots, some thicker spots. I didn't cut anything, just spread it around.


For the oats, I just wet the remaining oatmeal oats (not raw, but pressed) with enough water to be sticky. Then, added about 1 T agave nectar and sea salt. Make little bunches of oats and press them out on the dehydrator tray. No need to be perfect. This can be messy. Then you'll get different sizes of oat bits.

Dehydrate everything at around 110 until dry.

Once done, store in an air-tight container in the fridge.


You can also add chia, buckwheaties, hemp and flax seeds for extra nutrition and crunch! Sprinkle it on. I promise, you can't mess it up.

All raw. All fresh. Filling and yummy!

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