Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, Vegan S'mores .. how I love you

Thanks to Chicago Soydairy, we had a wonderful, yummy, scrumptious, sugar-rific camping trip this weekend!


You, too, can enjoy skin-less, animal-less, tasty vegan marshmallows! It's easy. If we can find them in Northwest Arkansas.. so can you!


Cruelty-free, awesome Chicago Soydairy Dandies marshmallows
Graham cracker of your choice
Dark chocolate

You know the drill...


I think you can safely call that a cajun-style marshmallow, don't you?


We actually put our grahams, each with a square of chocolate, into our cast iron skillet. We placed that on the fire for a minute or two to soften the chocolate. It warms the grahams and melts the chocolate. YUMMY!

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