Saturday, April 23, 2011

Raw Nestle Crunch

There is nothing simpler than making homemade nestle crunch-like candy bars.

Absolutely nothing!


(Please note, these are approximations. Don't stress over a little change!)

1 c melted cacao butter
1/2 c ground cocoa powder
2 T maca powder
3 T mesquite powder
2-3 T agave nectar
Crunchies: Buckwheaties, raw nuts, raw fruit bits.. be creative!

Melt cacao butter. Once COMPLETELY melted, add cocoa, maca, mesquite and agave. Mix well. To keep it raw, melt easily in hot/warm water double-boiler. I put a mug in my hot water. Keep it very low heat and stir until completely melted.

Yes, it's messy.


Love chocolate? Invest in a $2 chocolate mold from Hobby Lobby, like this one. It has square shapes that'll make it much easier to break off one serving at a time.


Once you've poured your chocolate.. use buckwheaties, nut bits or even fruit bits.. whatever you prefer!

** This amount of chocolate will fill several chocolate molds. So, quarter the recipe if you want to try just a little. **

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