Monday, April 4, 2011

Comforting grilled cheese and tomato soup


This is another one of those posts that I just can't even pretend contain a recipe. This is too easy!

I am a fan of soup. I love it. Tomato soup, veggie soup, beany soup.. you name it. We made soup in our own homemade bread bowls last week! There seems to be limitless variety when it comes to soup.

But isn't there still something comforting about an old favorite like tomato soup with grilled cheese?

This is why we keep a package of Daiya on hand (yes, you can purchase this at Cooks in Rogers.) We also love Teese but can't seem to get it in town anymore! Another favorite, Sheese, has to be ordered online. And we do, but not regularly. If only we could get that at the local store! There's nothing better than Sheese and crackers. Truly. yum yum

But back to the grilled cheese. Good bread is CRUCIAL. Don't skimp on the bread. If your bread is square and sliced.. throw it out and never buy it again! Shame on you! There are so many yummy breads - and many bakeries will slice it for you. Either way, stay out of that nasty bread isle and opt for something more fresh. You won't regret it.

Slice your bread, add some Daiya and grill. Serve with your favorite tomato soup (for optimal taste and nutrition avoid the creamy varieties, of course.)

See how easy that is?

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