Friday, April 22, 2011

Raw Ice-Cream Snickers

A perfect treat for summer!

raw frozen snickers

Who doesn't love a frozen candy bar? Like you, we do love to indulge in half a candy bar for dessert more often than we should.. so, I thought I'd try to make a better version using whole sugars. Our premade candy bar of choice? Jokerz, of course! Check out Go Max Foods. You can't go wrong. We split in half for a decadent, easy dessert.

But if you want a healthier candy-like bar that you can share with your kids (including making them).. try this on for size.

Go ahead, lick the spoon! That is, if you can get it away from your kids. Good luck!

INGREDIENTS (to fill entire pan)

About 25 dates
About 3/4-1 c diced walnuts
4 ripe, large avocados
3/4 c agave nectar
3/4 - 1 c cocoa powder


Remove pits and blend dates in a food processor or by hand. I used medjool, so they're easily squished by hand if you want. Squish dates into candy bar molds, so you have an even distribution. (Next time I might add a few more dates. The caramel layer is fantastic!)

Now, sprinkled chopped nuts. I prefer raw pecans. Healthy and delicious!


Blend avocado, agave and cocoa in food processor or blender. This is your ice cream. Go ahead, lick the spoon!

Pour ice cream over dates/nuts. Fill each container if you want.

Now, freeze for at least 8 hours. This will make your candy bars sturdy enough to work with so you can coat with a hard layer of chocolate.

When you're ready to coat your candy bars, you'll need to melt your chocolate coating.

NOTE: You don't * have * to do this last layer. However, it'll give your candy bars a coating. Otherwise it's super melty. That would still be fun, though. And they taste great either way. (You know we sampled between layers, so I can promise you that it's still tasty.)

To add the outer, crunchy layer:


1 c melted cacao butter
1/2 c cocoa powder
2 T maca powder
3 T mesquite powder
2-3 T agave nectar


Melt the cacao butter by breaking it into fairly small pieces and putting that mug into some semi-hot water. Have your other ingredients ready - cocoa, maca, mesquite and agave.

Once the cacao butter is melted, simply add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

You'll need to remove the candy bars from the freezer - ONLY when you're ready to dip them.

Dip half of each one, put back on wax paper and refreeze a few minutes before dipping the other side of the bar. Dip twice for a thicker coating.

The result?

Soft, squishy ice cream on the inside.. and nuts and caramel, like a frozen snickers.. and a crunchy, thin chocolate coating on the outside.

Store in freezer, wrapped individually but in a sealed container. We find they're best shared.. and they slice easily. Yummy. They're rich, so sharing is easy!

Indulge without guilt!


  1. WOW....stuff is great. and where do you get those red silicon candy molds from?

  2. I actually found that mold at Hobby Lobby. It wasn't as cheap as I would've liked but we also use it for things like cornbread, so it's a very handy mold to have.


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