Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot twist on a classic

We love dehydrated kale. You will, too.. once you try it. Have you? WHY NOT?! Once you do, you'll wonder why you waited.

Trust me!


This time I fit an entire bunch of kale per tray. I've found out that you don't really have to spread them out on the tray. But you do want them to be spread out enough to catch all of the spices you're throwing on top.


1 bunch kale (this will not be enough, but just double or triple this recipe!)
Nutritional yeast
Raw salt of your choice
Olive oil


For each bunch of kale, tear it apart and remove most large veins. You want these to be basically chip-sized. Throw these torn bits into a colander in the sink. Once you've filled it, rinse.

THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL: you must dry the kale in a hand towel. Each time you wash and shake them.. you still have to dry them with a towel. You don't want water hanging around on the leaves.

Now, transfer to a large bowl and toss olive oil on top. For each bunch of kale, that can vary from 2T to even 1/8 cup. But you can always add more, so start with less. Now, dig in! You're going to rub oil on each leaf, in each cravasse. Not a ton of oil, but as long as each leaf is shiny with a tiny bit of oil, that's enough.

Bunch of the leaves on the tray. Now, douse it with nutritional yeast. I mean, use a LOT. The more, the better.

Sprinkle with raw salt, all over. Normally, this is where I'd say you can stop. But this time we added paprika and cayenne all over the leaves.

It was great!

You can experiment with your favorite spices. Just think of what types of chips you prefer. Try those spices! Really, I don't think you can go wrong with kale.

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  1. Will give it a try! Hey just saw your other blog. Isn't that black cat Jezabel you were going to "spay" Linda's Larry? I'd know that little white stripe on the chin anywhere.


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