Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raw cereal

You don't need a food processor if you have sliced raw nuts. Those work well in raw cereals. However, I prefer chunky nuts so I threw 14 almonds (for a richer cereal) and 5 dates into the processor and chopped.

Mix the nuts and dates with:
small handful of sunflower seeds
small handful of dried, sprouted buckwheats (see earlier post)
lots of fresh or dried fruit
NOTE: If you use dry fruit like I do, let it soak in the milk for a few minutes

Mix with your favorite unsweetened nut milk:

Another version:
In a food processor, blend 10 almonds, 6 cashews, 5 dates and a handful of dried kiwi until everything is thoroughly ground. Then, hand mix in some sunflower seeds, buckwheat cereal and lots of fresh strawberries and bananas. This version is GREAT!


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