Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homemade Naked Juice

Do you love those 100% Naked juice smoothies?

If you haven't tried the Naked Green Machine - you're really missing out! That's (almost always) the only smoothie we splurge on when we're out of the house and thirsty. You gotta try it!

But if you really want a cheap, easy, freshly frozen version.. just make your own! Your homemade smoothies will never be the same twice. You can substitute so many of the ingredients - and get a new, amazing flavor in the process. For example, you can use any green you have on hand: green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale or spinach for the green in your Green Machine. You can use any combination of frozen fruits. Here's what we put in this one:

About 1 cup frozen exotic fruit mix (contains cantaloupe, pineapple, peach)
About 1.5 cup frozen strawberries
About 1 cup water
1 freshly peeled orange
HUGE handful of spinach
8 dates (I was happy with 5 but Tyler wanted it a little sweeter.. and it's really great this way, too!)
Blue green algae (optional - try a little at a time)
*Just remember to use whole fruits, not fruit juices

Homemade Green Machine:


  1. what about the blue green algae??

  2. But this doesn't even have the same ingredients as the green machine juice... Another disappointment!

  3. You're only disappointed because you're looking for something with the *exact ingredients as some commercial product. But green smoothies can be made with any number of foods! There are simply too many to list on any one blog, even. The point is to not try to recreate a commercial food. If you want something premade, buy it. If you're in your own kitchen, it's better to experiment.


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