Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not-quite-from-scratch crunchy, fruity yogurt

There are a few whole foods stores in Fayetteville, AR ... which are probably 30 minutes from here. So, we don't like to drive there every week. When we do make it down there (usually to get specialty vegan items) we buy enough for a few weeks, or bulk so we can freeze (or now, so we can dehydrate.)

I love yogurt! But instead of buying pre-sugared yogurts, even Silk or Whole Soy yogurts, we throw ours together using plain yogurt. You can buy plain Silk yogurt in a 32oz container:

From there, we add a little raw cane or date sugar to the yogurt (because it's a bit too tart, even for me), grape nuts or granola along with some sort of fresh or partially-dehydrated fruit.

Serve, unmixed, in a pretty glass .. it always makes quite an impression. Its easy and so pretty!

Now, mix and enjoy!

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  1. Mmm that sounds SO GOOD. Great idea. I approve and will rip this off promptly.


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