Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chocolate-strawberry mound (raw)

For dinner last night we had more lettuce-wrap tacos. They were great! This time we each had a head of romaine lettuce and we added my sprouted "zesty sprouts" mix and red & brown rice. We both thought something was missing the other day from our taco wraps.. it must've been the sprouts or rice (or maybe the romaine has a stronger flavor and crunch?).. because they were fantastic last night. So much for satisfying!

We've started running this week. I love it! I'm getting the feel-good hormones that I used to only get after a long-distance bike ride. After our fun run last night we gulped down our tacos.. and started craving something sweet. We've gotten into the bad habit of always having dessert!

For this wonderful, guilt-free, sweet dessert... all you do is slice/chop/mince (as small as you can) equal amounts of dates & nuts. I chose cashews because I thought they'd be easier to chop... but I was wrong.

This must be another one of those things you need a blender for.. to chop nuts!

Mash them together and create your crust. (This is the best crust you'll ever taste, by the way.)

Now, slice as many strawberries as you can all over the top. There was also a little juice in the bowl that I poured over the top. And you may have guessed it, I had some more of that maple syrup-cocoa mixture that I poured on top. (It's been in the fridge for a few days.. and it may be even richer than the day I made it.) I only poured a little bit over the top, to give it a lightly chocolate flavor.

There you have it! It took less than 10 minutes to make and made my taste buds so unbelievably happy.

We're getting a blender today.. yay! So, I think I'll try this with almonds next time... for a richer crust. Raw cashews are great but they have a very delicate flavor and I'd like to try a darker crust.

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