Monday, October 25, 2010

Zucchini-black bean burgers


You will LOVE these burgers. I've made many homemade burgers but these top the list. Sorry my recipes aren't exact.. cooking really isn't an exact science. You should learn to touch your food and feel the texture and taste it to add more spices as needed.

It's easy - it just takes practice. (And it's a yummy thing to practice!) :)

black beans
flax seeds
bread crumbs
optional: slice of vegan cheese or chreese sauce

Cook your black beans. You won't regret it! I cooked about 1 cup dry. They are so easy to mash when they're freshly cooked. Not to mention they are sooooo much better than canned. (And YOU get to control the amount of salt in your food this way, too.)


Dice your zucchini and throw into a food processor until small pieces.


Now mix in your black bean pot:
lots of flax seeds
some bread crumbs
lots of spices: garlic, chili powder, paprika, cayenne, cumin
Optional: cooked rice or quinoa

Let your mixture sit for a while to thicken. Flax is great at that. So, give the flax time to make your burgers hold together. Add more bread crumbs if your burgers are still too wet. It'll mix right in.


I cooked them in a skillet until well done on both sides. This made a lot so we kept them in the freezer for easy use! Make big batches of your favorite burgers and you'll have an easy meal waiting for you.

We used rice vegan cheese on top of ours, too:


Serve in between lettuce or bread:



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