Monday, October 25, 2010

Shells and chreese (my favorite!)


Chreese makes this dish soooooo simple and fast.

Whole wheat shells
Chreese cheddar mix
Soy or almond or rice milk
Optional: additional garlic, paprika, cayenne
Optional: steamed veggies like broccoli

In your cast-iron skillet, fill halfway with your milk. Use a small skillet! Now, begin by adding chreese and stirring continuously. If you need more sauce, add more milk and then add more chreese. Chreese thickens easily with heat - so don't heat too fast or too much!

Add spices if you want. I usually add the three listed above, because I like garlic and spicy foods.

Add to your cooked whole wheat shells and stir:


To make it a meal, add steamed veggies! One of the bowls even has fried onions on top for an extra crunch. Yum!


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