Monday, October 25, 2010

Vegan velveeta chreese dip! (or sauce)

This may look weird when you're cooking it.. but trust me, it's YUMMY! And good for you. Imagine that.

If you aren't using Chreese products, you're missing out. They sell powdered chreese mix for several different style cheeses and also a pre-made chreese dip. (But Tyler likes my homemade chreese dip better.) But they're both really good.

Fill your cast-iron skillet halfway with soy or almond milk. Then add some Chreese. Stir. If runny, add a little more Chreese. Now, add your rotel - or tomatoes and hot chilis. Runny again? Keep cooking - it thickens fast! And add a little more chreese until it's the right consistency.




Goes great on chips or as a dip with veggies or chips or even for a spicy pasta or veggie sauce. (Add some steamed veggies to the pasta and it's great!) Spice up a traditional favorite of steamed broccoli and chreese - or use your imagination!

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