Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy mashed potatoes and green bean casserole


Who says you can't have comfort food if you're vegan? I grew up in southeast Texas, so I grew up on artery-clogging, animal-fat-laden foods.. and I can honestly say that my vegan versions of these foods are SO much better. You can actually taste your food! Have you noticed that when you're eating one of those traditional American dishes all you can really taste is fat?

Well, not anymore! Try one of my comfort foods and you'll never go back.

Easy mashed potatoes:
Washed and diced new potatoes (leave skin on)
A dash of soy or almond milk
Lots of garlic
1 T margarine
Salt and pepper

Dice and boil your potatoes. Leave the skin on for nutrition - and taste. This can be done with russet but I prefer new/red.

When super soft, simply drain and put back in your pot. Now, squish the potatoes! This is the fun part. And it's easy with new potatoes. Only add a dash of milk if you need it. Then add margarine and spices.

Yummy green bean casserole:
Fresh green beans, washed and cut
Chreese cheddar mix
Soy or almond milk
Optional: stir-fried mushrooms
Optional: fried onions for topping

Boil your green beans to al-dente texture. Meanwhile, in your cast iron skillet (the size will depend on how big of a casserole you are making.) Before adding your green beans to the skillet, fill halfway with milk and add chreese until medium-thick. Remember, don't heat too much! While stirring, add any extra spices that you might want. Then, add green beans and make sure sauce covers the green beans.

If it doesn't - don't fret. This is the great thing about vegan foods... just add a little more milk and chreese until it's covered! See.. easy.

If you like mushrooms like me, you'll love them in this casserole. I've even added carrots before. Just stir fry or steam them so they're al-dente before adding.

Top with fried onions and bake at 400 until brown. This won't take too long.


Serve with salad - it's great together. This is one of my absolute favorite comfort food meals!

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