Monday, October 25, 2010

Spicy, chreesy, beany wrap

When we're in a hurry, this is one of our main staples. Easy, delicious and warm. Yum.


Black beans
Chreese powder
Optional additional spices: cayenne, garlic, paprika
Tomato, diced
Avocado, sliced

We cook black beans from scratch, and trust me you should.. they're delicious. But if you don't hate time, just open a can of black beans and drain. Now put the beans in a cast-iron skillet and add a little water/milk until it almost covers the beans. Now, add chreese powder and continually stir until it thickens. Add your extra spices, if any.

Layer with tomato, avocado - anything else you enjoy like spinach, lettuce.

Wrap and enjoy! Quick. Yummy. Healthy. Low-fat.

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