Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw raspberry ganache fudge cupcakes


I used Ani Phyo's Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake recipe - and made personal-sized cupcakes with slightly less icing than she calls for. mmm mmm good

This recipe makes 6 cupcakes.

1 cup (or more) raspberries + agave nectar

1.5 c raw cashews
1/3 c cocoa powder
1/8 t sea salt
1/2 c pitted dates

3 dates
1 T cocoa, agave and olive oil
plus 2 T of the juice from the raspberries you soaked earlier


Mix your raspberries and agave. Squish them together a little and let sit.


Make the icing by blending in a personal blender. The more of the raspberry juice that you add, the more berry-flavored it will be. Don't skimp!


Now make the cupcake part. Blend all of the cupcake ingredients together in a food processor. Add a little water, if you need it. But not too much!



Now, I followed her instructions but instead of forming large pieces for the cake I made smaller, cupcake-sized pieces. Using cupcake cups as a guide layer: cake, sweetened raspberries, more cake and top with icing. Voila! (If you made extra icing, you can layer icing in the middle layer as well.. just keep in mind that your cupcakes won't last as long in the fridge because they'll get wetter faster. But if you're serving within a day it'll be fine.)

Plus, if your child likes to lick icing while you're baking this is a healthy way to let them indulge! Only you'll know that you're giving them potassium, calcium and iron without any bleached, unhealthy, diabetes- and obesity- causing white sugars in regular icings. Woohoo!

This recipe will make 6. They're even better the second day! .. and we just finished them, 4 days later. I recommend enjoying them within 4 days.


If you like chocolate.. try this. Serious yum yums.

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