Monday, March 15, 2010

Best... ice... cream... ever


You won't believe how awesome this is! Even I didn't believe it.

This time we made strawberry ice cream. More flavors to come!

*This recipe will make 4 big bowls of ice cream. So, serve 4 people or, like us, you'll get dessert twice! I used less sugar than called for in Juliano's book and tweaked the recipe a bit. But the principle is the same.

You will LOVE this recipe!

2/3 c soaked cashews
10 strawberries
1/4 c maple syrup
1/4 c raw agave nectar
1/2-1 t vanilla
1 c water

goji berries
dried fruit: cherries, cranberries, raisins, strawberries, whatever!
buckwheat crunchies (see in earlier post. It's just sprouted and dried buck wheat groats.)
liquid chocolate (see in earlier post)

Soak your cashews for a few hours. Drain.

In a blender, mix all of your ingredients together until they're as smooth as you can get them.

Pour into ice trays and freeze.

When you're ready for ice cream, simply put your frozen ice cube trays in some hot water to melt it a bit. Then, the cubes will fall easily into your food processor.


Blend. Add a teaspoon or two of water if you need it.


Now, layer in a bowl with your favorite toppings! I prefer goji berries. My husband wanted cherries - but he mentioned that they get hard when you add them to the frozen ice cream.


Add lots of crunchy buckwheaties! And I used two spoons of chocolate - one in the middle layer and one on top.




  1. Hey that is a really clever way to circumvent the ice cream machine process.... I like it, and if this is the best ice cream EVER, I am going to have to try it now! thank you :-)

  2. HAHA!

    The recipe said you could use a juicer, too. Apparently if you push these frozen cubes through a juicer, it comes out the other end like it's been squished in the food processor, like ours.

    I just bought blackberries, cherries and strawberries to make other flavors. I figured I'd freeze them and have different flavors ready to eat. Yum! I'll have to experiment with making a chocolate flavor but I don't think you can really mess up chocolate-anything, so it should be pretty easy to do.

    Trust me, you'll LOVE it!


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