Monday, May 24, 2010

Better un-baked oatmeal cookies

Have your oats, dates, freshly ground cinnamon, agave nectar and optional chocolate chips and/or cocoa nibs ready.


(The oats in the photos are NOT raw.. but a friend bought them and left them here, so I'm using them.)

Measurements are approximate as you'll determine how much agave nectar to add based on how dry your batter is. But start with this:

1/2 c oats
1 c oats
1 c dates + 3 dates
4 T agave nectar
2 t freshly ground cinnamon
OPTIONAL: cocoa nibs or chocolate chips

In a food processor, grind your first 1/2 c oats into a mostly-fine powder.

Now add your dates. Grind for a while. It doesn't need to be perfect. In fact, you can leave a few of your squishiest dates out to mix by hand.

Now add the remaining ingredients - except the cocoa nibs or chocolate.

Blend in a food processor until you form a dough. If it's too sweet or wet, add some oats. If it's too dry and not sticky, add some dates or agave nectar.

Raw cookie dough:


I separated the batter into 3 piles - one for plain oatmeal cookies, one to be mixed with chocolate chips and the other to mix with cocoa nibs.

Form into cookies. You can see I hand mixed in some additional oats to the chocolate chip and plain cookies. When I'm introducing people to raw cookies I make them sweeter so I use less oats to dates. But if someone is more of a raw foodie or has less of a sweet tooth, you can add more oats to taste.



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  1. Im 17 & i've been a vegetarian my whole life as my mom's a nutritionist & she felt it was best to grow us up as Vegans. Now my mom makes the most amazing raw cookies, crackers etc. & believe it or not we have never been allowed to eat anything with sugar (that includes chocolate, ice cream, candy cake and a whole long list of other unhealthy junk) I tried the recipe for your cookies & they were great so thanks for that. Here are a few suggestions of recipes i enjoy.

    1) Oatmeal raisin cookies
    - In food processor grind almonds to a fine powder
    - Add oats and chop until finer but still grainy
    - Add Dates and/ or honey to taste
    - Add whole raisins

    2) Banana Nut cookies (sounds worse than they actually are)
    - Grate coconut
    - Blend a banana until smooth then add chopped nuts of your choice (almonds seem to work best)
    - Add a small amount of ginger
    - Add dates and or raisins
    - Add oatmeal

    (raw rolled oats work best) A great thing to do with them is to put them in a dehydrator at a VERY low heat. it will take all night but they will harden and become more like cookies (as well as being virtually uncooked)

    You can also make a whole bunch of crackers and chips and even raw brownies which taste SUPERB.

    All in all i think being vegan is an amazing feat. And i know i am certainly much healthier for it. Hope you enjoy these recipes !
    you can email me back if youd like more recipes at



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