Monday, May 10, 2010

Give up soda forever!


There's just something about a cold, carbonated bottle of soda. It's fizzy and yummy and, well, cold.

But it's full of artificial sweeteners and lots and lots of processed sugars.

If you follow this blog then you know that processed sugars, salts and foods are the enemy. BAD! Processed white sugars are BAD!

So, give them up! We used to buy 2-liter bottles (and recycle them) of carbonated plain water. Yummy, right? Then we'd add our own flavors - usually fresh, squeezed lemon and raw agave nectar. You can even buy root beer and cola flavors. Now we carbonate our own water, but unless you want to get a tank to carbonate your own you can just rely on plain carbonated water. It's cheap - and easy to make, too.

By making your own you can completely avoid the over-sugared, process-sugared sodas!

Yum, yum, fizzy carbonation.

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