Monday, January 11, 2010

Raw chocolate-covered bananas


Something amazing happens to bananas when you freeze them.. the texture becomes like a fancy dessert. It also seems to become sweeter! They are *perfect* for a frozen dessert. (Don't forget to choose organic. They're still cheap, for an organic food, and they taste SO much better than conventional bananas. Even when they're green, they taste good.)

So, I decided to try another of Ani Phyo's frozen treats. I'm glad I did! I think it will be easy to keep our freezer stocked with frozen, yummy, raw desserts.. making it easier to eat more tasty raw foods. ***If you're transitioning to raw foods or just want to eat more raw foods, this may be a great way to start! Eat your raw banana, covered in raw chocolate - but dipped in your now-favorite cooked or otherwise junk-food toppings!.. like sprinkles? or other candies?*** You can transition into more raw foods one step at a time. YOU CAN DO IT!

Frozen bananas, skewered
Ani Phyo's liquid chocolate (or similar)
Toppings: goji berries, other small dried fruits, crushed nuts or seeds

To start, peel and freeze bananas. Cut them in half if they're too big. Freeze at least 4 hours before covering with chocolate. I had to use some chopsticks because I don't have skewers yet. They worked fine, though. And in the meantime gather your toppings and make your liquid chocolate.


Liquid Chocolate INGREDIENTS
3/4 c cold-pressed olive oil
1/4 c sweetener: raw sugar, agave or maple syrup (if you use raw sugar, you may have to add a little more olive oil to your mixture)
1/2 c raw cacao powder
1 T mesquite and/or maca powder (optional)

Blend your liquid chocolate ingredients together. It's easy to dip your frozen bananas into a cup of chocolate, so keep your chocolate in a tall cup.


Have your toppings ready. (I chose goji berries and cacao chips.) Choose any toppings you like!


First, dip each banana in the chocolate.


Next, sprinkle your toppings onto the chocolate-covered bananas.


Freeze for a little while before serving. These are absolutely amazing! The frozen banana is similar to ice cream and the chocolate and toppings give the banana a very rich, sweet, unbelievable flavor.

It's a fancy dessert.. but super easy to make!


  1. Love it, thanks for messaging me and giving me the link to your webbie!

  2. Why have I not thought of that! Brilliant, my boyfriends been asking for a sweet healthy treat, I'm going to make them for him right now!


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