Friday, June 8, 2012

Soupy lentil and rice


I used my veggie broth to make a simple soup for lunch. Honestly, I have pretty simple taste buds.. so I can only experiment with fancy dishes for long before I have to clean my palate.





1/4 c dried lentils
1/4 c dried brown rice
3/4-1 c water
up to 1 c veggie broth
Salt & pepper


Mix water with lentils and brown rice. Bring to boil. Then cover and lower to simmer. Cook approximately 30 minutes until well down.

Now you'll decide just how much broth to add to the mix. I like it soupy. Trust me, your broth will be so tasty that you'll want extra just to drink from the bowl. It's that good.

Top with salt and pepper. It won't take much because you're adding it on top.

Enjoy immediately. This is great with a very-vegetable dish. 

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