Monday, June 11, 2012

Arugula.. really?

The best thing about joining a CSA is that it forces you to cook seasonally and step out of your comfort zone.


[sorry for the bad photo.. I ate the entire dish before I realized my photo was so bad!]

You know we're vegan.. but we've never actually cooked with arugula. Why? There's no reason that I can think of... just that we've just never thought about it. Have you?

Our first distribution last week included a bunch of arugula.. that I had NO idea what to do with it. I googled and googled and finally came to the conclusion that it takes little preparation to use arugula.


3 garlic scapes
1.5 c prepared brown rice + lentils
3 organic carrots, sliced and steamed
Small bunch of arugula
Olive oil
Optional: Sriracha sauce


I sliced and steamed the carrots. I prefer mine soft, so it takes up to 20 minutes. But in the meantime you can slice and wash your arugula. Toss any super hard stems but keep the rest.

Something handy to keep premade: brown rice + lentils! Just cook 1 c of each with 4 c water. It keeps in the fridge for several days (though it won't last that long.) Great in wraps, soups and as side dishes.

Once carrots are nearly done, I sliced the garlic scapes (you could also just use garlic if that's what you have) and sauteed in olive oil until browned. Then I added some broth and the arugula. Remember, you'll be adding the rice/lentil mix soon so this should be watery.

Once the arugula begins to soften (this only takes 3-4 minutes), add the lentil/rice and carrots. Add salt and sriracha to taste. *My broth has no salt, so I add quite a bit at this stage.

Enjoy in a wrap or with a fork! 

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