Monday, June 18, 2012

Curried sweet potatoes and chard


This is hands-down the best Indian dish I've ever made.

So, grab all of your ingredients before you start cooking. That will make this dish super easy.


Step 1: 
Onions, sliced (I used the green stems only but you could use all of it) 
Garlic scapes, sliced (or fresh garlic if you don't have scapes)
Fresh jalapeno
Sesame oil 

Step 2:
6 c water
1/2 c rice
1/2 c lentils
1 diced large sweet potato 
2 t each: ginger, curry, masala 
1 t cinnamon
More garlic is optional 
1/2 t raw salt of your choice
Up to 1/2 t black pepper 

Step 3: 
2 c washed, 2" sliced chard leaves 

Step 4: 
1 T lime zest
Juice of small lime 

Step 5: 
1/4 c Silk plain, unsweetened yogurt per bowl 


This recipe really is easy once you get the hang of it. 

Step 1: add scapes, onions, jalapeno and some oil to your pot. Simmer until they're well done (less than 10 minutes). 


Step 2: now add water, rice, lentils, diced sweet potato and spices to the pot. Cook at a medium boil for about 30-45 minutes, or until your potatoes are mostly done. 

Stir periodically. 

Step 3: add your washed and sliced chard leaves to pot. Cook another 10-15 minutes or until the chard is done to your liking. I prefer it to still hold its shape but some people prefer it cooked to oblivion. 


When working with colorful Indian foods, using an extra tall pot will help prevent splashing. 

Step 4: add lime juice and zest to pot. Stir and let sit a few minutes while you grab your bowls.


Step 5: put 1/4 c Silk yogurt into the bottom of each bowl. 


Scoop soup directly on top of the yogurt and stir. 

Delicious! Serve with samosas or pani puri or both. Sometimes we make our samosas from scratch... but sometimes we buy some awesome premade frozen samosas and pani puri from Rice N Spice.

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