Friday, June 8, 2012

Make your own tasty veggie broth


Do you buy bullion or pre-made veggie broths? They're tasty and certainly helpful when cooking.. but did you know that you can make your own broth from scratch using nothing but scraps? It's true!

You just use whatever veggie ends, rinds, peels and veggies that you have on hand. For even better flavor, you should consider joining one of your local CSAs. Many cities have them and you'll get seasonal, organic, hand-grown veggies! We've joined On The Vine at Richmond Farms in Fort Collins.


They offered 10% member discounts to members of the local Vegan Meetup, so we jumped on the savings. Many CSAs offer discounts for 'working memberships' as well. That means you'll volunteer a certain number of hours (set by the CSA) over the course of the summer. This gives you a discount, and gives the CSA the help needed to grow, weed and harvest veggies all summer long. Plus, it's fun!

Our first distribution was yesterday.. and after talking to one of the other working members about her homemade broth I was inspired to make my own veggie broth with a few veggies I already had, plus something new that I've never heard of or used before: garlic scapes. I used this instead of buying garlic bulbs (which is what you'll want to do if you don't have scapes or garlic chives.. I'm told garlic is KEY to making tasty broth).

TIP: Keep a tupperware container in your fridge and fill with your potato peels, zucchini ends, garlic, onion (remember, all peelings included), garlic scapes, garlic onions, bell pepper, jalapeno or whatever you have.... Then, when you need broth you just throw it all together and cook. It's easy. Fast. Tasty.


Any veggies, scraps, peels, rinds that you have
Dried spices
Fresh herbs
Raw salt optional


Using a large pot, fill halfway with water. Bring to boil. Add anything you want.

Reduce to simmer and cover. Simmer for about an hour. Strain.

Enjoy your broth! Keep in the fridge in a sealed container and use during the week.

NOTE: Don't be afraid of salt. You NEED salt, especially if you're outside sweating and exercising. However, you should know that I don't add salt when I cook things like this. Normally we add salt only when we're eating. That way you'll use less and taste more. But there is one very important thing to know -- table "iodized" salt is BAD. Bad. Bad. Bad for you. Did you know those perfectly white, symmetrical salt crystals have been cooked at temperatures of over a thousand degrees? That kills anything and everything nutritious in the salt. So when you use those salts, all you're doing is raising your blood pressure. BAD. However, you don't need to feel bad about enjoying tasty raw salts.. pink, black, green, plain sea salt.. you name it! Enjoy them. Use them. Did you know these salts have different flavors and textures? Try them.

Going vegan will open your taste buds to so many new flavors. Go vegan: get happy!


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