Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, hot, hot, hot soup

I accidentally made this soup so hot that.. we almost couldn't eat it. Really! So, beware of accidentally adding too much cayenne or jalapeno spice. Other than that.. let me just say - YUM!


You'll want to cook some of it in a cast iron skillet and some in a pot full of water.


In the cast iron skillet:
TVP (your choice of size and texture)
Olive oil
Garlic, salt, pepper, paprika

In the stainless steel pot:
1/3 c brown rice
1/3 c lentils (your choice color)
1/4 c pasta (your choice)
Freshly sliced veggies: tomatoes, carrots, new potato, celery, broccoli
Cayenne, garlic, bouillon cube

Fill your pot with water, add the rice and bring to boil. Lower to medium. Cook about 15 minutes. Then add the lentils and died potatoes only. Cook another 10 minutes. (Add water as necessary to keep it full.)

While the pot is cooking. put your TVP into the small cast iron skillet.


Fill with water to cover TVP. Add a few spoons of oil. Cook until water is absorbed/evaporated. Grill TVP for a while until as crispy as you like.

Your pot should be ready to add the veggies.


Now, replenish water into the pot as necessary - and throw in the rest of your veggies and pasta.

Basically, we're cooking the harder ingredients longest. Add the other ingredients that require less time, as you go along.

Add spices at the end. Stir to mix. Voila! Don't be stingy with the cayenne or jalapeno. Spicy soup is great!


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