Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry-pineapple crunch

So easy! So good!


Fresh cherries, pitted and diced small
Pineapple, diced small
Chocolate chips (optional)
Vegan wrappers
Agave (optional)

Purchase these at an Asian market. These are low-cal, yummy and you can fry or bake them into desserts, egg rolls, whatever you want.


I used the big wrappers for these desserts. That means you can fill them with a LOT of fruit!


So, have your fruit sliced and ready. Remove one wrapper. Lay flat. Have a tiny bowl of water (that you'll dip your fingers into and use to seal each wrapper.)

Fill with fruit and a few chocolate chips:


Add more chocolate for a richer dessert. Leave out the chocolate completely for a yummy, fruity treat!

Roll. Seal with water. Spray with your oil sprayer and bake at about 300 degrees until browned. Flip and do it again. Takes only a few minutes on each side.


This won't take long.. keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

YUM! Add a little agave for an extra bit of sweetness and presentation.


They're low-calorie and healthy.. so eat your heart out!

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