Saturday, August 1, 2009

Healthy, sweet drinks.. say goodbye to soda!

So this isn't raw.. but I don't have a juicer yet. In the meantime we buy fruit concentrate to add to carbonated water.

All you have to do is buy inexpensive, generic soda water.. it comes in 2-liter bottles. Now, to get sugar-free true juice concentrates you'll probably have to shop at a health food store. Just because something says "juice" doesn't mean it is!

The serving size says 8 teaspoons.. but honestly that isn't necessary. I like to just add a small squeeze of the juice concentrate along with a small squeeze of raw agave. Mix! The carbonated water makes this quite a yummy treat that you can enjoy all the time!


Raw agave nectar is 70% fruit sugar, so has a low glycemic index. That's means it's the perfect sweetener for diabetics or anyone who cares about their blood sugar levels.. plus, it's tasty! Fruit sugars are also 25% sweeter than typical refined white sugar so you'll use less of it, too. Counting calories? Switch to agave nectar!

Add fresh fruit to your drinks for a fancy presentation. Try any fruit juice concentrate you can find. Personally, I like to add lemon juice to carbonated water.. no sugar required. Yum!

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