Saturday, August 29, 2009

Raw oatmeal cookies (with or w/o choco chips)

I adapted this from Ani Phyo's Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie.. they aren't the same at all but I did get the idea from her, so I thought I'd mention that! My husband is anti-raisin and pro-chocolate chip, so we changed the recipe just a bit.. and added flax to it as well. I also only made half of her recipe, just to try them. WOW.. these are fantastic. I may have to eat the whole batch!

1 c medjool dates
1 c oats
2 T agave
2 t freshly ground cinnamon
2 T flax seeds
pinch of salt
Optional: chocolate chips or cocoa nibs (I made half the cookies without choco chips but I let my husband throw in his desired amount of chocolate chips to half of the batter.)

Yield: 10 2T-sized cookies

Blend the dates in the food processor into tiny chunks. Then add remaining ingredients (except chocolate chips.) Blend until the oats begin to break in half.. the cookies will better stick together this way.


Add chocolate chips by hand, if desired. Form into 2T-sized balls. You can enjoy immediately or put in the fridge for the cookies to become more solid.


I did take a bite out of one before putting them into the fridge.. oh my wow. These are my new favorite cookie! We'll have more after dinner. By then the cookies will have a few hours to set in the fridge, so they should be even better. Note: strong, fresh cinnamon is KEY!

...and I already know what I'll be changing the next time I make this recipe:

1. I'll be adding 1/2-1 cup oats to the recipe... by placing the 1/2-1 c oats into the food processor first, before the dates, and blending into oat flour. Then add the dates and follow recipe. When I do this I'll also up the agave nectar quantity to 4 T.

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  1. I just made these with raisins instead of chocolate chips and they were so yummy! Thanks for the recipe!


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