Friday, January 30, 2009

Sprouting is easy

I know changing your diet.. or just thinking about changing your eating-style... can seem daunting. But please don't worry too much, you don't want to get the yips!

I've been looking for the cheapest, easiest way to add sprouts to our diet... and I think that I've found it.

COSTS (total should be less than $20)
1) drain board for the side of your sink
2) inexpensive colanders (the ones that come in a set of 3, stainless steel)
3) seeds to sprout


I prefer buckwheat, zesty sprout mixes and quinoa. Purchase from the bulk isle of your grocery store.. you don't even need a lot to start. Why not buy about 2 cups of your favorites and begin soaking and sprouting? I love the buckwheat for cereal and quinoa sprouts are great on almost everything! They're lightly flavored and quick to sprout. Other great things to start sprouting: lentils, black-eyed peas and chickpeas! Yes, sprout your beans for a great addition to your meals! You can throw them into soups or onto your sandwiches or salads. They're heartier than smaller sprouts (that you normally buy pre-sprouted at the grocery store) but still light enough in flavor not to overpower the spices in your dish. You'll love them!

Do you prefer the clover or alfalfa sprouts at the store? You can sprout those, too!

Here's a short list of soaking and sprouting times. This information is easy to find and may even come with the seeds you purchase.

SHORT LIST: (with soaking time in hours / sprouting time in days)
Buckwheat 6 / 2
Quinoa 2 / 1
Chickpea overnight / 2-3 days
'zesty' mix overnight / 3 days

Once you learn how long to soak your seeds in water, it's easy!

To start, I'd suggest putting about 1/2 cup of your preferred seeds into a bowl or jar and cover completely with water (by several inches, as some of your seeds with expand greatly.) At the end of the required soaking time, simply pour them into your strainers, rinse and place on the drain board. You'll want to rinse them 2-3 times a day until the required sprouting time is over.


Then you're ready to eat, dehydrate or refrigerate the sprouts until you need them.

The only thing you need to remember is that fresh food, because it's not full of preservatives or processed, does not have a long shelf life. So, dig in! Add sprouts to sandwiches, salads, burritos or have them as a snack. There are many recipes I'll share later that include sprouts... but simply learning to sprout and adding them to your meals everyday is a great way to start! Once you're comfortable with the process, you can try something more difficult.


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