Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick lunch (and rich dessert!)

I bought baby portobello mushrooms a few days ago. The packages may not seem that big on the store shelf.. but have you noticed how they start turning dark brown immediately after you open the package? Surely I can't be the only one who has trouble finishing them before they turn into mush. My husband hates mushrooms (yes, I don't get it either) so I've got to gobble them up all by myself. It's a sacrifice.. but I'm a giver. So, today I decided to throw them together in a simple, fresh burrito made with other random leftovers in the fridge.

I threw a handful of the baby portobellos in the cast iron skillet and sprinkled a little balsamic vinegar on top. The beauty of cooking with cast iron: all you have to do is turn the heat to medium and stir every now and then. Now, raid your fridge and see what you've got! For lunch today I found the hummus we made last night, half a cucumber and a ripe avocado. I layered half the avocado, several slices of cucumber and lots of hummus. In less than 5 minutes everything was ready for the mushrooms!

small pic

When eating a meal by myself I'm always reluctant to open a perfectly good, perfectly ripe avocado (until dinner when I can share with Tyler) because I'm usually full after only half of the avocado. Avocados are so wonderful, I can't bear letting them to go waste! Until now I've never known what to do with the other half of an avocado when I'm eating alone. NOTE: If you said 'make guacamole' .. please, bite your tongue. Why would I ruin a perfectly ripe, perfectly soft avocado by turning it into guacamole???

I don't know why but I just hate the stuff.

WELL... I've found a much better, much yummier solution to my problem. Raw pudding! YUM!

Basically, throw your avocado into the blender (or into a bowl and use a hand blender.) Now add about 2T raw cocoa and 1-2T maple syrup or agave nectar:

small pic

BLEND! It's that easy. Throw a few strawberries on top and you've got a wonderful, easy chocolate dessert. You won't believe how tasty this is.

small pic

See how easy a fast, healthy, freaking tasty meal is?

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