Friday, January 30, 2009

All good things begin with dessert

This is my first blog, so hopefully it'll just get better from here. I thought it was about time I shared my fun in the kitchen with, well, everyone. I'll share my 'comfort food' recipes, simply healthy recipes (that also taste great!) along with my new raw experiments.

I suppose I'll just post my new favorite recipes and foods as I discover them. Last night was my first raw dessert, taken mostly from "RAW the uncook book." I wish I had taken a photo! For a healthy, quick, super sweet treat simply do the following.

For two people:
1) Start by making the chocolate syrup. (note: I have found that plastic forks mix cocoa + maple syrup very easily.) So, in a small bowl mix 3 T maple syrup or agave with 1.5 T cocoa and a dash of almond oil. The oil helps it mix.


2) slice 2 bananas onto a plate
3) drizzle raw almond/cashew or your other favorite nut butter over the sliced bananas so that each piece has at least some nut butter
4) pour the maple syrup topping all over bananas

Now grab your forks and ENJOY!

If this doesn't cure your sweet tooth, nothing will. Besides, you can enjoy it guilt-free! There are no preservatives, processed sugars or foods in this amazingly easy dessert.

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