Monday, May 28, 2012

Steamed dessert dumplings


I'm honestly not sure if this is a common thing to do with dumplings or not.. but since I'm a fan of steamed foods and I love fruit.. I figured, why the heck not try?

Let me say that I'm so glad that I did! With the freshness of fruit, the ease of a dumpling and the awesomeness of organic maple syrup.. this dessert is amazing.

Dumpling wrappers
Fresh fruit, diced small (I used strawberry)
Optional: dash of raw/whole sugar or dates
Maple syrup

Follow the same directions as for  savory dumplings. You're going to dice your fruit, wrap it in a dumpling wrapper (the more you practice, the easier it is) and cover and steam for 20-30 minutes. I also put some raw sugar inside each dumpling with the berries. Next time I'll dice some dates and put those in the dumpling wrapper instead.

Try them warm.

Try them chilled.

Don't forget to dip in maple syrup.

Whole, organic sugars are the best tasting - and actually good for you. Most people forget (or just don't know) that whole sugars, salts and grains all contain micronutrients that humans can't list because there are just too many. So, stick with WHOLE foods, not bleached-then-fortified foods. Your body will thank you!

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