Friday, May 18, 2012

Dog food

Anyone who knows us knows that we have foster animals coming and going all year long. Well, our recent rescue (from last weekend) is an obese, silly, sweet, needy beagle.

His obesity is probably the reason he has a tumor under his armpit and rotten gums. We have an appointment at the vet soon. We just hope his obesity hasn't caused diabetes -- or any other obesity-related disease.


Sadly, we believe he was left behind when his oh-so-caring owner graduated college and left town last weekend. I suppose if people abandon their pets when they move, when they foreclose.. why wouldn't students do it, too?

Although for Zoid, whom we saw him rummaging through a bag of garbage last weekend, this was lucky! Now he will get his gums and teeth cleaned, he has started eating healthy (and yummy!) foods and will get his tumor removed once he's lost a little weight. You see, he's not just fat - he's obese. Surgery is just as dangerous for an obese dog as it is for an obese person.

Sadly, we can only assume he has been living on pizza, burgers and beer - or some equally unhealthy combination of foods. And he may have gotten many of those meals out of dumpsters because he always takes us there on our walks.

Luckily, he loves loves loves loves broccoli. Just raw, sliced broccoli. No kidding. Most dogs love green beans. Many love carrots. Some love chickpeas. A friend's dogs absolutely LOVE watermelon. You just have to keep trying until you find out what your own pooch loves.

NOTE: I prefer softer tofu but Zoid prefers pressed. You can purchase pressed tofu at any Asian market. It's super inexpensive, too! Or you could also try pressing firm tofu that you buy at the grocery store. Open and drain package. Wrap the tofu with a hand towel and put something hard on top, like a skillet. Let it squeeze out the water. Now place in a container and freeze solid. When you want to use it, simply thaw and squeeze out any remaining water. You'll notice the texture is firmer and stringier. It can give you variety with your tofu, too! Try it. You might like it.

Dog food 1:

Pressed tofu
Cooked lentils
Cooked oats or brown/red/black rice
Sliced raw broccoli
Dash turmeric
Dash soy sauce
Pureed pumpkin on top

I cube the tofu small and mix with turmeric. Then cook with extra olive oil -- this is the only fat in this meal, so don't be afraid to use it. Now, mix with your other ingredients. Serve warm.

Dog food 2:

Cooked black beans
Cooked brown rice
Sliced, raw broccoli
Sliced cooked or raw zucchini (however your dog prefers)
A few sliced carrots
Pureed pumpkin on top

Dog food 3:

Pressed tofu
Cooked lentils
Cooked peas
Cooked, diced potatoes
Sliced raw broccoli
Dash soy sauce
Pureed pumpkin on top

This time put soy sauce on the tofu cubes. Cook with extra olive oil until well done. Mix with remaining ingredients.

Dog food 4:

Nutritional yeast is chocker-block full of nutrients. You enjoy it - so will your pooch!

Simmer 1 c water with up to 1/2 c nutritional yeast. Sprinkle with salt. Add cilantro if you want.

Option 1: Pour this over some squished black beans.
Option 2: Pour this over boiled and sliced veggie dogs for a treat!
Option 3: Slice corn tortillas (Zoid LOVES corn tortillas), cover with some squished black beans and nutritional yeast sauce.

Just like us, dogs are NOT obligate carnivores. They do not need meat, saturated fat or any milk. Each meal should have some form of fat, protein, vitamins and moisture... and all of that can and should come from plant sources.

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