Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fake your bacon


Tempeh-bacon, avocado and grape tomatoes make a delicious breakfast. Use all of the raw salt and pepper that you want.

We've all heard people say "I just could never give up meat" or "I love bacon too much" .. when in actuality what they mean to say is, "But it's something I've always done" or "I don't know what goes into my food but I love the way it tastes." 

Truly, all of those wonderful "meaty" flavors that people love are spices. Every region in the world has a different variety of "normal" spices. Replicating those spicy flavors using healthy (and cruelty-free alternatives) is tasty, wonderful for your body and well, it also means that we vegans eat well. We eat VERY well.

Tempeh (any variety)
Mesquite powder 
Soy sauce 

Slice your tempeh very thin. Place one layer of your tempeh in a bowl. Sprinkle with soy sauce until every piece is lightly wet. Run molasses up and down the strips. If you've never worked with molasses, this can be tricky! Go slowly. Once the molasses starts flowing it's hard to stop it. Then, sprinkle with mesquite powder. 

Now, place your next layer of tempeh on top of that one. 

Repeat previous steps until all tempeh is layered and soaking in these wonderful juices. 

Cook on a hot caste iron griddle until brown on both sides. Use a small amount of oil as necessary.

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