Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kelp noodles

kelp noodles

Don't know where to get them? Just google: kelp noodles. We found ours locally. You may be able to as well.

They're raw.

They're healthy.

They're delicious.

As the instructions on the package will tell you, you'll cook your veggies and sauce and just throw in your noodles when your veggies are almost done. You don't really cook the noodles but you can heat and soften them. It really is that easy.

For this dish, I baked some marinated tofu. Meanwhile, I water-sir-fried some veggies. Once the tofu was done and the veggies were soft I just threw them together. Last, but certainly not least, I added the kelp noodles and stirred for a while. Really.. that was it!


  1. I living in Fort Collins as well and was wondering where you found the kelp noodles. I would like to use them in some dishes and haven't found them yet.

  2. I got them at the Natural Grocers at Troutman / College. I've found surprisingly reasonably-priced bulk items there, too. I love that place!

    If you are in Fort Collins... I recommend the Fort Veg*n potlucks. You can find them on


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