Monday, January 30, 2012

Fruity phyllo

Sorry for the bad photos in the past two posts... I'm too lazy to retrieve my camera from the car. But trust me when I say this is much yummier than the photo makes it appear.

fruit phyllo

Phyllo dough is low-calorie, crunchy and absolutely amazing! It's lightly-flavored (because I don't smother it in oil or sugars or nuts) and the texture is very appealing. You will love it.


Phyllo dough
Optional: agave, nuts


Using a single serving sized glass container (or ramekin or whatever you have), place everyone's favorite fruit inside their own ramekin/glass. I prefer blueberries + cranberries (remember to slice each fruit in half if you use cranberries) and my husband prefers a blend of pineapple, strawberries and blackberries. I added about 1T agave to each fruit mixture.

Now, simply tear one sheet of phyllo dough into small strips. I kept them approximately the width of the glass container. One 70-calories phyllo dough sheet actually gave me about a dozen layers on each dessert! See how wonderful this is? Indulge without guilt!


Using your fingers, spread margarine or olive oil between layers to give a fattier flavor. Add chopped nuts of your choice. Smother with extra agave if desired. (Why do you think baklava is so heavy, sweet and tasty?... because it's absolutely smothered in honey and butter.) So, wean yourself off of these excessive treats if you need to. Just add less and less sugars and oils each time until your taste buds are used to a lighter meal. It's worth it.

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