Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pizza dough you don't have to make yourself

Whoever said you have to make all of your food from scratch.. never lived near a Whole Foods!


This $2.99 pre-made pizza dough can be found in the Whole Foods deli part of the store, near the other easy-to-grab and ready foods.

We discovered this little gem during one of our pizza-weeks. That's right, dang near entire weeks living on pizza. Can you blame us? The trick is to vary your toppings! And don't over-cheese it. That will wear you out and (dare I say) pack on the pounds!

So, with this $2.99 pack of pizza dough.. we make TWO dinners AND TWO lunches. Can you believe that?

Here's what you do:

Keep this dough in the fridge until about 6-10 hours before you're going to eat dinner. You'll want to put this on the counter (not in direct sunlight or anything). Just in a warm place where it can warm up and rise, rise, rise. Don't forget this step!

It will double, triple or even quadruple in size.. bursting out of its package.

Now, take your knife or scissors and cut it in half. Put half back into the fridge. It will be ready to use tomorrow or even the next day.

With the dough you have in your hands, press it out, flatten it out and put it into the shape you want and on your pizza pan.

Cook it for 400-500 degrees, about 5-10 minutes. I know this is vague but it will depend on the type of oven you use. Basically, you want it half-baked and becoming tan.

Remove from the oven and top with your favorite toppings!

My favorites:
Flavorful sauce
Artichoke hearts
Kalamata olives
Diced tomatoes
A small amount of Daiya cheese. (I used to prefer Teese, until my local stores quit carrying it.) Daiya is definitely an acceptable option!

Bake on 400-broil, whatever you prefer. Bake the heck out of it. Seriously.

Remove when it's all toasty, bubbly and brown. This size pizza can be cut into 8 pieces. Have 2 each for dinner with a salad. Repeat with the remaining 2 pieces for lunch the next day. (Okay, when we lack fresh veggies for a side.. we've definitely indulged in the whole pizza for the meal.) Yum!

I blame my husband for my pizza addiction. It's definitely his fault. But honestly, I don't think he minds at all.

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  1. Thank you for the tips!! I love pizza, and can't wait to try this!


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