Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to raw

So, a few weeks ago we visited my family in Texas and stayed for almost a week. Do you know how hard it is to be vegan in someone else's kitchen?.. well, it turns out that it's even harder to add the raw element to that. Wow. We did bring some raw nuts with us and made our favorite raw pistachio pesto (using home grown herbs!) Surprisingly, my southern, meat-eating parents actually loved the pasta. It was great.

But since we got back I've been out of the groove. I haven't kept raw milk around. We've been eating out a lot lately, though I don't know why. There aren't even any good salad bars around here so when we eat out, it's vegan but not raw.

That's all about to change. I was caught off guard last night when my husband told me to start making raw foods more often! He begrudgingly admitted that he hasn't been feeling as well since we got back from TX.. and it must be because we're not eating as much raw food anymore. Awesome! Until now, he's never understood how I feel after a workout, with feel-good hormones rushing through me.. or how after eating raw for a few weeks that I don't sleep as much and I just feel happier all the time. It's quite remarkable, actually.

The thing that clinched it for me was last night. Oh man, I've never actually started a fire in the kitchen before. But I was making a big salad with raw dressing, as usual.. but to surprise him I had sliced some corn tortillas and was baking them to make crispies for his salad. I opened the little oven and flames came out! All I could do was yell "Fire! Help! Fire!" Yep, I actually did that. I also threw about a gallon of dirty dish water into the oven. It was out in just a few seconds. But it certainly felt like longer! ha

Well, it's back to raw for us. I'm so glad! I pumped up my workout today and had raw sushi for lunch. It's a great start to our two weeks of raw. (With Thanksgiving coming up we won't be raw at his parent's house. There is always lots of vegan food and we'll make a few raw dishes, I'm sure.. but I'm definitely going to have some Tofurky. We only do it once a year, after all!)

Hopefully we'll have some new recipes and dressings to post. But we have our few favorites and most are posted here.. we make those all the time.

That's the key to eating any way you choose. Don't buy foods you don't want to eat. Buy healthy, you'll eat healthy. It's really that simple. The past few weeks we've been eating vegan pizza - because we've kept crusts, sauce and veggies around. But we're back to walking into the grocery store, buying only the foods in the raw fruit and veggie section - and leaving. That's it! Buy low on the food chain and you can't go wrong.

I promise I'll try to post some new recipes in the next two weeks. We need to try new dressing recipes, anyway.

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