Sunday, July 8, 2012

Roast anything and everything


We got a bunch of stuff from our CSA this week.. and we honestly weren't sure what to do.

So, what's my default response to a random assortment of veggies... roasting, of course! It never fails to be fantastic. No kidding. Trust me.

Serves 2. Measurements are approximate.

Olive oil
Fresh garlic (you're going to peel every clove in your garlic head), whole or halved
About 1 c fresh green beans (sliced in half)
1 kohlrabi (peeled and diced)
3 turnips (rinsed and diced)
1 large new potato (diced, not peeled)
Soy sauce

We served with tempeh and roasted carrots. Delicious!

Preheat your oven to 400 (or so) degrees.

In a bowl, put a few T of olive oil. Now throw in all of your freshly rinsed and sliced veggies until everything has a bit of oil on it. Now sprinkle with your favorite spices.

We got a lot of fresh thyme from the farm.. so you guessed it, we used a lot of thyme! Also sprinkled a little garlic and soy sauce.

Roast 30 minutes. Stir and see how everything is cooked.

Roast up to another 30 minutes - but you probably won't need that long.



  1. Great ideas. Thanks! I love your blog and am lucky to have someone like you as a cousin.

  2. That is so sweet, Marcia! I didn't even know you read this blog.


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