Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make your own wild rice or grain blend

Tasty AND beautiful.


[ pictured: black rice, red rice, brown rice, whole oat groats and quinoa ]

Are you missing out on whole grains and rices because you think those blends are too expensive? Well, it's easy to make your own -- and you can include any or all of your favorites!

Oat groats, buckwheat, rolled kamut, millet, quinoa also cook at the same rate as the above rices, so add equal amounts or vary them. This way your mixtures will always change! Who wants their food to always taste and look the same? Yuck, right?

So enjoy any of these grains and rices by mixing your own. *If you add quinoa, I recommend keeping your mixture in the fridge to keep it fresh.

I think it will be perfect as a stuffing for my stuffed seitan! Don't you agree? I'll post an update next week. I plan to try this for our upcoming vegan potluck.

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