Friday, February 25, 2011

New Stir-Fry


We love stir-fry at our house.. We like to throw whatever veggies we have on hand into a cast iron skillet, stir-fry, fry some tofu, make a sauce .. toss them together and BAM! You've got a great meal.


brown rice, cooked
1 package brussel sprouts
3 large carrots
1/2 head of broccoli
1/2 - 1 block firm tofu, diced
Optional: zucchini, baby corn


dash soy sauce
dash vinegar
1/2 tsp raw sugar
vegetable bouillon
dash cornstarch
optional: red peppers

To start, we made about 1 cup sauce by boiling about 1 cup of water and adding sauce ingredients. Add cornstarch last and stir as it thickens. Remove from heat once it's as thick as you like.

In the meantime, do a few things:

1. fry your cubed tofu. Easy, right? Put on towel to soak up excess oil.
2. cut brussel sprouts in half and remove outer leaves. Slice carrots pretty thick. Steam together.
3. wash and cut your broccoli. But it takes less time to steam, so only add it a few minutes before you're ready to eat.

Now, just layer brown rice, brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli and tofu - and smother in your yummy sauce! We even sprinkle with crushed red pepper. It adds a kick.


You can make a different dish every night just by varying how spicy your sauce is, or what veggies you use. Even substitute seitan for tofu sometimes!

The combinations are endless. Need help? Check out PETA for more ideas.

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