Monday, February 28, 2011

Exquisite Bean Burgers


Oh man.. these may be the best burgers I've ever made!

Normally we like to make a batch and freeze them. Why buy those processed, frozen veggie burgers?.. when yours are so much better! And easy, to boot.

And I'll say this again - these are so much richer and just tastier if you cook your own beans. (it's easy, trust me!) But you can always substitute canned beans when you're starting out.

INGREDIENTS (double or triple recipe as needed)

2 carrots, minced in food processor
1 zucchini, minced in food processor
3 cups (approx) cooked black beans
1.5 cups (approx) cooked brown rice
Options: 1-3 T garlic, 1/2-1 t sea salt, 1/2 t paprika, hot sauce, 1 T ground flax

In a bowl, squish the black beans. You don't want them to be the texture of refried beans.. but you do want them squished to hold the burger together. Then add the rice and veggies.

Want to make it fun? Pour a glass of wine.. and get your hands dirty! That's right. Dig in and play with your food already!

Add the desired amount of spices. Is the mixture too wet? Add a little flax or rice or even wheat flour or bread crumbs. Now, form the patties. We dipped half the patties in bread crumbs before cooking. It's good either way.

Using your trusty cast iron skillet, cook until they're as brown as you like! Remember, this isn't like cooking with animal flesh. The ingredients won't harm you. So, once you think they're cooked enough.. THEY ARE!


Layer your patties around plastic wrap or wax paper. However you like. Store in an air-tight container in the freezer.. that way you always have healthy meals ready!



  1. These burgers are delicious. We made a variation using steel cut oats cooked in mushroom broth instead of the rice. :-)


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