Thursday, December 8, 2011

Personalized healthy granola

In an effort to curb my husband's snacking habits, I try to make sure he has a small container of healthy snacks to bring to work every day.

This one is actually great for dessert any day - and an in-between meals healthy snack. Plus, you get to use YOUR favorite ingredients. Anything goes. Trust me, you can't do it wrong.


Cascadian Farms organic chocolate granola
Fried organic banana chips (under the granola box, hard to see)
Dried fruit of any kind (I love raisins because they're 100% natural but Tyler won't eat them!)
Roasted, salted cashews (or almonds or peanuts or soynuts or whatever you have on hand)
*I even added roasted pumpkin seeds from our Halloween pumpkin carving experiment

See the small container? That's as much as he gets everyday. You can buy those almost anywhere now. Set your proportions and stick to them!

Even healthy food can pack on the pounds in excessive amounts. Small containers will keep your portion sizes down.

Chocolate + cherry cranberries + nuts or seeds = A tastegasm any time of day!


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