Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple, satisfying spring rolls

Spring roll wrappers
Sliced or julienned veggies: green leaf or romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cabbage
Optional: tofu

As soon as you have your ingredients ready, spring rolls take only a few minutes to make.. and they're delicious!

All you'll need is a place to put your completed spring rolls, something to wrap your spring rolls on and a shallow, large bowl to wet and soften the spring rolls.

Before you begin, fill the bowl with water and set aside.

With your ingredients ready, you're going to remove one spring roll wrapper from its package and place in the skillet full of slightly-warm water. Move it around so you get every piece of the wrapper wet, even the ends. After about 5-8 seconds place the wrapper on the plate with one corner facing toward you. Now you're ready to fill the wrapper.

Place a few veggies, sprouts and nuts about 2" from the tip of the wrapper facing you. When you've placed enough filling on the wrapper, you're ready to wrap!

To begin, roll the first corner in:

Now you'll want to pull in both sides:

Just roll it up!


Wet rice paper sticks to everything.. so be sure you put the wrapper on the edge of the plate, so that air can flow around the spring roll. You want it to dry out a little before you eat it.

Continue this process until you've made as many rolls as you want! Serve with a side of peanut, tamari or soy sauce.

I love these!

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